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J-480™ | Jacuzzi Hot Tub J-480™



  • Seats: 5-6
  • Dimensions: 94 in x 94 in x 39 in
  • Filled Weight: 6,005 lbs. / 2,724 kg
  • Spa Volume: 480 US gal. / 1,817 Liters
  • Circulation Pump: YES
  • Jets: 52
  • Pumps: 3
  • Water Purification: CLEARRAY®
  • Stereo: OPTIONAL
  • Electrical: 240V 60 Hz @ 30A, 50A or 60A
  • Monthly Operating Cost: $19.58

This unrivaled energy efficient hot tub comes standard equipped with a whopping 48 PowerPro jets, specifically coordinated and strategically positioned to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Three MX2 jets induce deep tissue stimulation, ideal for the lower back. Your overworked body can be relieved by the 22 FX jets which are perfect for smaller muscle groups, while six modest RX jets pamper the key muscles and nerves of your back and shoulders. The focused NX2 jets concentrate on those hard to reach areas in the neck, while the vigorous FX2S jets supply an all-encompassing massage for your shoulders, back, calves and feet. Lastly, the six PX jets gently pulsate to massage the hands and wrists. But the real anchor of this hydrotherapeutic marvel of hot tub engineering is the centrally located, foot massaging Jacuzzi IX jet system, nestled at the hot tub’s lowest point for all to enjoy.


•    Forty-eight of Jacuzzi’s most advanced PowerPro jet technologies – the most available in a Jacuzzi hot tub
•    Centrally located Jacuzzi Hot Tub PowerPro IX Jets – foot massages for everyone
•    Asymmetrical, contoured design means this hot tub looks as good as it functions
•    PowerPro Therapy Lounge seating provides the famous Jacuzzi hot tub full-body massage
•    Advanced J-1000 control system puts all the technology of the J-470 at your fingertips

Like every Jacuzzi hot tub in the J-400 designer collection, the J-470 includes the optional J-1000 audio system, powered by JBL and equipped with marine-grade speakers and subwoofer, as well an all-new iPod docking station. Jacuzzi’s stylish ProEndure UV resistant cabinetry finishes are available with the J-470 hot tub, or you can opt for one of the nine Jacuzzi TriFusion System acrylic finishes.

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